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Interview with Mr. Liuyi Wang, secretary of the International Multimedia Culture Association.


BrazilCartoon  Interview /  Interviewee: Mr. Liuyi Wang, secretary of the International Multimedia Culture Association.
By Márcio Leite - Director of Brazilcartoon


1- When you, Mr. Liuyi, had your first contact with cartoons and animation? It changed your life? 

When I was kid, my parents bought many cartoon books drew by Chinese and foreign artists for me. I like them very much. After graduation from the university, I was assigned to work in the foreign countries so that I have good opportunities to enjoy various cartoon and animation works all over the world . I am lucky to engage in copyright business in one of Beijing Culture Company since 1997 and then I acted as managing director of animation studio. I never image that cartoon and animation become my career. It is the destiny,  I accept it and love my career.

2- When came up the idea of organizing cultural events of cartoon, animation, art and handicraft?

More than decade ago, my animation company was the largest animation company in China. My animation company produced Blue Cat Series animation, The Blue Cat is one of the famous brand in China. In order to promote this brand,   I participated in many animation and cartoon festivals and events at home and abroad, I realized it is very important to organize such culture event which is the platform for exchange and cooperation.In addition, I realize that traditional arts especially handcrafts are the creative sources of cartoon and animation. My many friends are not only excellent animation and cartoon artists but also good at handcrafts and folk artists. I try to combine cartoon and animation with handcraft and folk. My idea is materialized. I have organized several culture events which integrate cartoon with handcraft achieve success in many cities  of China.

3- Where do you live nowdays? Your office is also in your city?

I live in Beijing now but I also have my own house in Guiyang, my home town. I have two offices in Beijing and Guiyang separately. In the near future, I would set up museums and International resident artists camp in Guiyang. I believe my dream would come to true. 

4- Which was the first event that you and your crew organized?

More than ten years ago, I was invited by the government of Guiyang, capital city of Guizhou province to organize animation and cartoon festival for this city, I suggested to the sponsors that we would hold animation and cartoon event targeted to young people because the new generation belong to the future.  My proposal was adopted by the sponsor. Asian Youth Animation & Comics Contest was set up. I organize this event for eight year. Last year, my contract with the sponsor was terminated.  I begin to organize another new festival Libo International Children Animation & Comics Festival with the support of sponsor and my artists at home and abroad.

5- Which countries have had representatives in the events organized by you and your crew?

We have organized more than twenty animation and comics festival and competitions in decades. It is our honor to invite the artist representatives from more than 50 countries and regions to participate in our events. We are proud to say that we have artist friends all over the world.

6- Publishing is very important for the artists. And we notice that you value the quality of the publications. What’s the importance of books and cartoons and illustration publications for China?

Publishing can keep record of the artworks of exhibitions and competitions collected for our events. They also have realistic and historical value. Until now we have publish more than thirty books on cartoon and animation which include the artworks created by the artists from more than 70 countries and regions. These publishing books and albums are warmly welcomed by our Chinese and foreign  readers.  

7- Wewere jury in Iran in 2009 and jury president in the Brazil Cartoon International. Which were the major events that you participated?

I am very happy to be the jury in Iran and Jury President in Brazil. I am sure Brazil Cartoon International is one of the major events I have participated because this is event is organized by Mr. Marcio Leite,  my brother and friend. He is the talent artist with imagination and passion,  I always admire his creative artworks.

8- What’s the importance to China of this contact with people from several parts of the world?

Chinaadopts open door policy for decades. It is very good for Chinese people to enjoy the benefits of this policy because of Chinese people can conduct business and culture exchange as well cooperation with foreign countries. China and Brazil are big countries in the world. It is very important for us to keep contacts in order to improve our friendship and cooperation.

9- How many Chinese provinces and cities were benefited with the events that you organize?

Our event is international and national event. Chinese main medias such as people website, China Culture Newspaper report our events. The artists from all over China submit their artworks for our event.  it is indeed national wide event.  

10- In Libo, the competition of cartoons and animation ICACF incite art, value the children and, mostly, the nature. What was the result of last year competition? Did you notice some positive impact in the life of Libo residents? 

2016 Libo International Children Animation & Comics exerts influence in Libo. You are aware of the Libo is famous tourist destination in China and the world, if beautiful nature is blended with cartoon and animation art, it would be much more attractive to the visitors. The residents of Libo realize the cartoon and animation  can bring much art elements for their life, they welcome this event can continue to hold in their city.

11- We noticed the great importance of the Libo’s prefecture and government support in the organization of the competition of 2016. The children from Libo actively participated in the drawings workshops and exhibitions. What is the importance of bringing an international jury of professional cartoonists and animators from big animation studios to a competition in Libo?

I thought that Mr. Yin De Zheng, Libo government governor has vision. He knows that ICACF would build culture brand for his prefecture and create unique cartoon culture atmosphere in this famous tourist destination with participation of many well-known international artists.  Now we are discussing how to use cartoon and illustration to decorate the walls of the villages and sep up one of the first cartoon village including international resident artist studio, workshops and showrooms, souvenir shops etc., in China.   We will provide very beautiful nature environment for artists to cerate wonderful works. We also ask children in Libo to draw with big artists. We are confident that we can combine cartoon and animation with Libo tourism industry as so to promote and boom  Libo tourism in the coming years.

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