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Márcio Leite


Márcio Leite is Brazilian, cartoonist, plastic artist, trained in social communication, specialist in marketing consulting, strategy and advertising creation. Leite has his work recognized nationally and internationally, has received awards in different Brazilian states and in various parts of the world, such as: Iran, China, Italy, Germany and Europe. In addition, he is constantly invited to participate as a jury of important national and international competitions, a situation that enabled the Founder of this platform to establish an important and extensive networking. Márcio Leite always believed that it was possible to develop a platform capable of becoming a showcase for the dissemination of amateur and professional artists beyond the geographical and cultural barriers. And it was thinking about that that decided to create the Brazil Cartoon. The community was born, in 2007, with the mission of valuing and promoting the drawing of humor in Brazil and in the world. Brazil Cartoon has an expressive community of members, who use the platform to share and publish graphic humor productions, news and information about national and international competitions. Sites like Irancartoon, Syriacartoon, Chargeonline and Don Quixotte were important sources of inspiration. Brazil Cartoon is a safe haven for people with talent and creative passion to show their work for free. For 10 years of existence, the platforms have been improved to allow the maximum possible interaction between professional artists, amateurs and other participants and visitors of Brazil Cartoon. The entire project is maintained without public appeal. The brand created in 2007 by the founder of Brazil Cartoon had its logo redesigned with the typology of the brand designed by the most famous cartoonist in Brazil: Ziraldo Alves Pinto, who ceded it in 2016, free of charge to the Brazil Cartoon platform. In 2018, the platform gained a new layout more responsive and easy to navigate. And this is just one of many news to stimulate the production, publication and international dissemination of artistic content and graphic humor design. More information: www.marcioleite.com

Maria Ribeiro

Content's director

Maria Ribeiro is a Brazilian journalist and lawyer, a specialist in digital marketing and strategic communication. For 20 years, she has worked in television, where she has held positions ranging from production, reporting, presentation to editing, with TV Cultura and Rede Globo. In 2014, she left the small screen and has since been engaged in consulting in the areas of communication, marketing management and content production. In the year 2015, she started to accompany the founder of Brazil Cartoon in art events around the world, acting as translator and divulger of the participation of Márcio Leite in international events. In love with the arts, she is now responsible for the entire editorial line of content published on the platforms of Brazil Cartoon.