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Manage your account

Using the app

The home screen allows you to create a new account or enter with an existing account. You can also retrieve your password by tapping "Sign in" and then "Forgot your password?". Keep in mind that when you sign in to an existing account, you must use the username and password for that account.


The Home Page shows a feed with the drawings published by the artists you follow. You can enjoy and comment the works in your Feed.


The profile shows the biography, its publications and other information about the artist. Only artist type users have a public profile.

Find artists

Enjoy the search tool to Find and Explore all the contents of Brazil Cartoon as: contests, news and works. You can find your line friends, designers, cartoonists and their portfolio, videos and new artists who you might like and do not follow. Touch the magnifying glass at the top of the screen to go to Search. Tap to search by people, themes, news, open contests and results. You can search for artists by artistic name.


The account of any user is always public, that is, all work, comments and likes can always be viewed by all other users, without exception. In Brazil Cartoon, only artists can be followed and post work, other users can just enjoy and comment on the work of artists.To stop following an artist: Go to the artist profile that you would like to stop following, touch "Following" to confirm. The profile of this artist person will show the message "Follow" instead of "Following".

Update profile informations

To update your profile information, such as the email and name associated with your account: Access your profile - Tap Edit Profile and change the data you want. The information available in the artist profile differs from the ordinary user.If the artist name is already in use, a message will inform you of this before you save the data, in such case you need to change the artist name until you find one that is not in use. You can add points, numbers, underscores, or abbreviations in the artist name.The artistic names of Brazil Cartoon are provided in order of choice, and can not be reserved.

How do I report a violation?

Learn more about types of violations in the copyright session and terms of use. You can file a report to a work or artist who is violating such rules. Our analysts will check each case, and if the violation is found, the work or artist may be blocked and even excluded from Brazil Cartoon.