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Sales policy

It is free to direct marketing between the artist and interested public as: publishers, advertising agencies, companies and clients in general. Brazil Cartoon does not charge any percentage of any of the parties involved in the negotiations. And at the same time it is not responsible for any of the stages of buying and selling products or services offered in the profiles of users of the online platforms of Brazil Cartoon.Our intention is to promote the appreciation of artists and their respective works facilitating and speeding up the dissemination to people, clients and art lovers. We will always welcome testimonials from artists and clients who have been successful in negotiations using platforms from Brazil Cartoon.

Marketing Tips

Artist, fill out your profile form with all the information. This will help customers learn more about you and your work. Choose photos with good resolution.


When exporting your drawings, illustrations, etc. have preference for high resolution images preferably in PNG or JPG.


Post videos about the authoring process. This values and increases the interest of people who appreciate your works


In postings, include the job history. The more information about technique, concept and source of inspiration, the greater the interest in work.


The use of themes in the posts facilitates searches within the Brazil Cartoon platform.


Include in your posts testimonials from satisfied customers. This increases your credibility and confidence in the face of future customers.